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About Us
About Us

Signum Biosciences, Inc. is a biopharmaceutical company focused on the discovery and development of innovative products to address major consumer and medical needs. Signum develops compounds and botanical extracts that are mimetics of natural lipid ligands crucial to cellular regulation and signaling.

We create skincare technologies with complete transparency. From our laboratory to your hands, we ensure each product is formulated with only the best ingredients with the goal of attaining and maintaining healthy skin.

"I have been using Epicutis for about a month and it has transformed my dry, sun-damaged skin. My skin feels and looks so much more youthful and healthy." - Katy

Dr. Jeffry Stock discovered the power of a specific class of small molecules in his lab at Princeton where he modified S-farnesylcysteine into a an active, signal transduction molecule. The modifications made to this compound serves as the initial building block of our STM technology platform.

Dr. Stock and his son Maxwell Stock founded Signum Biosciences Inc., a biotechnology company spun out of Princeton University, whose focus is to develop novel ingredients for both the cosmetic and pharmaceutical space.
By continuing to modify small molecules in order to yield skin benefitting effects, TSC was created. Its ability to repair skin, lower inflammation and many other skin health promoting properties makes it a unique ingredient without comparison
Signum’s corporate partner Rohto Pharmaceutical’s top formulator Masanori Tamura is the developer of Japan’s #1 moisturizer line Hada Labo. Tamura’s high-quality formulation efforts at Rohto attracted to the Signum Team’s attention while he was working in the US. After collaborating, Tamura joined the Signum team as our head formulator and director of Product Development.
Our development of botanical extracts began as an interest in the foods we know to be therapeutic. By studying foods that humans already crave and consume we can make assumptions on why these foods are sought after. Chia seeds are exceptionally powerful and when put through our patented extraction process, yields a novel, proprietary topical oil that improves skin hydration and barrier function unlike any other on the market.
After 20 years of dermatology focused R&D, Epicutis™ is launched using unique, patented ingredients in simple formulations. We have created two products to help maintain skin health rather than trying to address the surface level symptoms of our skin.